Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is interesting...and Copiers beware!!!

Recently I came across this video on copyrights by Gritty Jane. I support this and feel strongly for how she is feeling. She has said in this video what I think a lot of us artists have wanted to say about copiers but just didn't know what to say. Please watch it and and get the word out...



lovetheprimlook said...

Hi Tammy, I am in one of Janes classes. I agree with her 100 %. I have a person that loves to copy me. I am afraid to post pictures of my new creations because of her.
Thank you so much for posting this too !!!


Old Glory Soldiers said...

Thank you for sharing! I too have had problems with copiers! I agree it becomes frustrating to be an "inspiration"

Have A Blessed Day!

Julie said...

Tammy this was a very interesting post. I feel like I know her, and I do agree. It's funny how you can feel a connection with people you don't know. I will be watching her blog to see how this discussion plays out.

On a brighter note, thank you so much for the beautiful old looking doll. She has been added to my treasures!

Kathleen A Foley Grimm 'KAF' said...

Hi Tammy, great topic!!
Thanks so much for posting this info.

softinthehead said...

Hi Tammy....I was thinking about you today as I was looking at my sweet little elephant....I sure hope you are well and your world is full of promise. I loved this little bit about copying...I myself are in the midst of serious infringement problems, had to get an attorney so I know how she feels. I sure wish I was doing the "Spirit" show but I couldn't swing "Ghoultide" and that...hubby couldn't get all that time off. Miss you guys! Pam

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