Saturday, January 5, 2008

Question for bloggers

I was wondering how to change my back round? I want to be able to choose and texture, or fabric. The solid color is getting old. So if anyone out there is reading this, and you know what to do, please spare a moment to help me out. Thanks so much, your generosity will not go overlooked.


TamboinMO said...

I wish I knew how to do that too! I can change the color, but have no idea on how to make the background more "interesting".
I'll keep watching to see if anyone pipes up with an answer.

Homespun Heart Primitives said...

Hi Tammy,
The best I can tell you is to edit your html on your template, under dashboard.
Go to mine,
Click on the View, then source. You will see the html for my page. If you look, you can see the link I have for the brownticking backround.
Before you change yours, save your current template to your hard drive so you have it, just in case. If you have Frontpage, you can test out your html on there.

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