Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have I been Discovered?

Well, the answer to that is No. My dream is to someday be recognized for my talent as a doll/bear maker. I would never want to catagorize myself as "primitive", or "vintage", because I like many other avenues in the art world. I have met so many talented artists along the way, and hope to someday be as well known as them, and be able to make some real money at my sewing machine, (at least be able to support myself). I think my creations make people smile, and maybe they shed light on someone's day. I hope that is true!!! My hope is that you all look at my blog as a doorway into my life as an artist and take away some form of happiness...

Have a creative day!!!



Audrey said...

You ARE very talented and your creations warm my heart.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

What a perfect background on your blog. Beautiful creations, so much talent . . Wow!

Julie said...

You are an amazing talent. I put away may santas & winter decor yesterday & thought of you. Your creations are the favorite parts of that collection. I can't wait to revisit them next winter...but for now, bring on spring!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Just discovered your blog...your work is some of the best I've seen! Love your whimsical style - keep on creating! ~*~ Lisa/TheMoonlitStitch

Winter Wonder

Well, it has just started snowing here at our house in the woods. I love the sight of fresh snow. It makes me want to start creating those lovely winter prodjects...

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