Monday, September 21, 2009

Selling her heart out!!!

My Daughter Morgan, she was such a trooper!!! Getting up with mommy to sell her hearts she made. We had a wonderful time at the show. A special thanks to our vendors for their patients with the loading and unloading. I never thought it would become what it has. All of those people at the gate, made me want to cry!!!! with happiness. I felt like I just gave birth. I am truely blessed to have such great people to work with. Hope next year will be even better.



Doreen said...

So happy for you Tammy! Very sorry I was not able to make it....perhaps next year!


TeresaM said...

What a cute little helper you have there!! I wish I could have come to the show!!

Anonymous said...

The show was wonderful! I can't wait until next year! (:

Winter Wonder

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My Little Elephant
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