Thursday, October 30, 2008

Off To The Show....

Well, it's finally time to leave. I am never really ready always a last minute person. But I can't wait to see all the wonderful creations of all the great artists at the show. I will be there with my sis and favorite fellow. We have so much fun together!!! Hope to see some of you there...


softinthehead said...

I was so happy to have met you and your sister at the show. I will cherish that experience always. You two were pure delight. May your road ahead be smooth and full of adventure my new friend! Pam

Doreen said...

Best of luck at the show.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Winter Wonder

Well, it has just started snowing here at our house in the woods. I love the sight of fresh snow. It makes me want to start creating those lovely winter prodjects...

My Little Elephant

My Little Elephant
Tattered Mohair